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Newly Chromed Front Bumper Butte, MT $2000 + Shipping

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Kris is selling this newly chromed front bumper and parts.

“This is a freshly chromed full front bumper assembly for the Willy’s Wagon or Truck. This should also fit the Jeepster. Not only are these parts very hard to find but chrome shops are getting ever more difficult to find. Especially shops that do work like the top notch work done at Decorative Industrial Plating out of Helena, MT. This bumper is in perfect condition and is truly show quality chrome. All chrome carriage bolts, nuts and washers are included! Bumper is located in Butte, MT. Send me an email with any questions at
Kris. $2000 + shipping”







6 Comments on “Newly Chromed Front Bumper Butte, MT $2000 + Shipping

  1. Mike

    Would love to buy then, out of my price range. Not to be rude and inconsiderate, but I would like to know the guy who could afford them. My pockets aren’t deep enough.
    A couple of years ago,there was a guy who posted a lot of JEWEL Stainless steel Jeep parts, a tub plus other N.O.S, parts including a bumper and bumper guards made by JEWEL in the Philippines.

    I made him an offer, but he couldn’t make up his mind and the deal went nowhere.
    With the demand for these bumper guards, I would think that reproductions would be a popular item.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    MIKE: If Jewel made them, I’ve never seen them. I’ve only seen the flat fender parts. I can’t remember ever seeing the bumpers and bumper guards, so I’d be interested in pics of those if you have them.

  3. Mike

    Dave, I realize you have more important things on your mind, but I found an example of the Jewel stainless bumper guards by searching Jewel stainless on EWILLYs web page. October, 2010 1951 Willys Jeep, not the one I was looking for, but proof positive just the same. I feel better now, not hallucinating.


    W=O=W — that’s a lotta $$$ for a common ordinary W-O front bumper and guards — I have scores of these but none that look like THAT — almost too nice to use on an off-and-on road vehicle ? — for $2000 wheres the license plate hangers ? — EH ??

  5. Bob

    I have priced chroming the bumper set for my 1949 Jeepster. Bumper itself it $450, bumperettes are $150 each, bars are $100 each. So you’re looking at $1200 in chrome from most shops. That is for standard chrome, not show chrome which I believe is not needed for Jeepsters, even really nice ones. So basically this an $800 bumper set that has been chromed. Is this bumper set nice enough to warrant $800? Hard to say, but nice straight ones are hard to find.

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