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1954 M-170 Eugene, OR $2000


UPDATE: Still Available

(03/02/2015) It doesn’t run.

“1954 front line combat ambulance, have original top, correct tail gate, 2 replacement front fenders, mostly complete, no litters, not running, has been converted to 12 volt.”

1954-m170-eugene-or1 1954-m170-eugene-or2 1954-m170-eugene-or3 1954-m170-eugene-or4


6 Comments on “1954 M-170 Eugene, OR $2000

  1. MATT

    This has been listed for quite some time now. Is $2k still too much for this? (I see a couple of Dodges and maybe a big GMC back there as well?.. neat-o)

  2. David Eilers


    The value is hard to say, because it will take an in person visit to determine how deep the rust is. To me, most of the value is in the body, as there aren’t many of those remaining. The seller was taking Best Offer for several months. He’s got to know it won’t move for $2k. I’d offer less.

    – Dave

  3. Chris

    I have a running drivetrain from a M38A1, it was a roll over. Do I bastardize both to make a running M170, or find a new tub for the M38A1?

  4. David Eilers

    I’d say combine them together. This has been available for years. No one else wants it.

  5. Alaska Paul

    Use the best parts from both to build up the M170, lengthen an M38A1 aluminum top to fit the M170. Make a regular door for the right side but add an additional door hinged at the aft edge for easier interior access. Enlarge the windows in the top sides while adding curved windows along the upper edge of the top like some of the old Land Rovers had and add an African style roof rack. Move the spare tire to the rear panel, fabricate a folding seat for the passenger side so once the seat is folded forward the entire passenger side floor becomes a sleeping area. While you’ve gone this far make and install metal steps for access to the roof rack and install a fold out tent on the roof rack. Make this thing into a vintage military overlander and go cruising.

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