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Odd Vehicle

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Apparently, this is located in Bavaria … Photos of this vehicle were posted to the G503 Facebook page. Some folks saw this as a bubbafied vehicle, and there may be elements of that. However, the bends of the frame and other nuances have me wondering if it was some type of airborne prototype. It’s actually a pretty clean frame for a bubba project. In a couple pics you can see how clean the spring hangers have been mounted.



Check out the grille. You can see that it has equidistant slats up until the right side. I don’t see Bubba doing something like that so cleanly. g503-odd-jeep-post2 g503-odd-jeep-post3 g503-odd-jeep-post4



3 Comments on “Odd Vehicle

  1. joe mengele

    ya that’s weird , 4 speed , no adapter , why a 4 speed in a lightweight little buggy like this ? tire chains ? wheres the motor ? Bavaria ? bed spring seats ? Nazi wunderwaffen ?

  2. Joseph Sumner

    From the shape, style and size of what remains of the grill and how the front quarter panels slip forward. It looks like it could be 1 of 2642 American Bantam B.R.C. (Jeeps)(58 of which had 4-wheel steering) that where manufactured in 1940 and 1941. You can find more information on WWII equipment produced by American Bantam here.

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