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Transmission Raffles @ Willys Reunion

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Bob Christy let me know that the 2019 Spring Willys Jeep Reunion will be holding TWO raffles: One raffle for a transmission rebuild and one raffle for a rebuilt T-90. Learn more here:

“You can buy a ticket to bring your transmission to the show (friday) and tear it down alongside Joe Deyoung, then rebuild it Saturday with parts supplied by Novak. A local transmission shop is going to hot tank it for us friday afternoon. We even have a selection of gears on hand in case new ones are needed.

Alternatively, you can buy a ticket to win the T90 joe is building. Winner need not be present for that, we can ship on the winner’s dime.”

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5 Comments on “Transmission Raffles @ Willys Reunion

  1. bubbles

    i could train a chimp to build a t-90 — in fact I just had my chimp build me a t-90/t-86aa hybrid for my 67 cj-6 v-6

  2. Bob

    Bubbles, yes you can train a chimp to do this, but lots of people are intimidated by them, which is why we are holding this event. Plus does that chimp know how to inspect parts for reuse or when to discard them?
    I’m tearing one apart right now, one that a human rebuilt at some point, and there was a loose synchro dog in there that had been chewed up by the gears. It still had the three needed synchro dogs, and 1/2 of one rolling around the transmission.

  3. bubbles

    ok bob , i’m just kidding , chimps cant build jeep trannys , THOUGH ORANGUTANS CAN !!! ( you should see the rare t-98 1-z he just rebuilt , has all the original cast iron adapters to bolt up to a jeep 225 v-6 , spicer 18 t-case , all restored as needed , some new gears , small parts kit , all new bearings , the monkey made the countershaft needle bearing loading tool , 6.39 to 1 first gear , all painted outside , warner gear numbers painted yellow , just MAGNIFICENT !!! with that low 1st , i’ll never use the t-case low range EVER AGAIN !! )

  4. david sapp

    never seen a t98 behind a v6…maybe its brother bwt18…just sayin. always wanting to learn though. my cj6 has t98, 19k original miles.

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