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Jeep Showcase @ Camp Plymouth/MVCC Event April 16-21, 2019

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UPDATE: Tomorrow is Camp Plymouth. They’ve got over 260 sites booked, so it should be good for parts.

This year’s Camp Plymouth-Military Vehicle Collectors of California event April 16-21 will include a Friday jeep showcase that will include pre-1987 military and civilian vehicles.

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7 Comments on “Jeep Showcase @ Camp Plymouth/MVCC Event April 16-21, 2019

  1. Mike W

    Boy i would like to go to this one. We towed the Jeep over to Tower Park last fall. I hate towing through California. I have to really think about this one.

  2. TJ

    You are right there Mike, I hate even driving thru there without a trailer. Try doing their 55 towing speed and you enrage the crowd mostly do 70-80.

  3. John

    I have trailered my car hauler many times in Northern-Central CA at 60+ mph with no trouble. Most people will be on a freeway until within 20-35 miles. Stay in the slow lane. Next one over is OK if passing. Main thing is not to be in the fast lane of three or more. The two lane roads from 99 or 50 to Plymouth are not too steep for slow MVs. Hwy 16 from Sacramento is mostly flat then starts rolling to go up 1,000 feet. Ups and downs allow gaining lost speed. This meet will be bigger than Camp Plymouth and Camp Delta (Tower Park) due to much more tent camping, low cost camping, and a lot of free visitor parking.

  4. thomas rogers esq.

    I cant find Plymouth on the map ? one of my ancestors landed at Plymouth rock 1620 ? is it near there ?

  5. Jay

    It’s in California. Plymouth Rock I believe is on the east coast.

    It was a great day here yesterday!! Many jeeps and parts galore!!

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