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820 Jeep Service Fort Worth, Texas is Selling Off Inventory

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UPDATE: Gayland relayed that Bob says he is willing to ship some items, but it does take him some time to get to the shipper. He does have some MB items also.

Originally published April 17: Gayland sent me the following. Note that Bob does not want to ship. He’s an old school guy (who even sold Desert Dogs at one point) who would rather deal in person.

Bob Brant of 820 Jeep is trying to sell off a bunch of his stock. The state is going to expand the freeway and intersection that his place is located upon and he wants to sell his land and shop and move elsewhere.

He has ALL kinds of parts laying around,  I saw a grille guard I think belongs to a M715.  I haven’t seen any MB parts, but that is no indication he doesn’t have any.  CJ2a’s, 3a’s. 5’s, bodies, frames and parts sitting around around (he is not super organized)  He has a Deuce-and a-Half  with trailer for sale, I am not sure of the M number.  I found a M416 axle in his parts pile and a CJ5 windshield frame. 

So, if anyone in the Fort Worth Dallas area is looking for parts, I would say call him or text him and find out.  He prefers dealing locally because it is a pain for him to get things shipped. Call or text him at (817) 235 7270.

As a disclaimer, I have no interest in the business other than to help a fellow Seabee and Jeeper (who is also my mechanic.)



7 Comments on “820 Jeep Service Fort Worth, Texas is Selling Off Inventory

  1. Gayland Leddy

    I thought about this last night. He has so much stuff in his shop building he can only get about two jeeps in at one time; all the eat of the space contains parts. I casually mentioned that I needed a CJ5 windshield and he produced one on the spot!

  2. Mike

    Good luck, and I sincerely mean that, not easy to move these old parts out the door and turn a profit doing it, especially when you’re not willing to ship. Seen it happen many times before when most of the parts wind up going for the price of scrap.


    i’ll take a ( 1 ) cj-6 ventilating windshield please , oh and I cant find a transmission floor plate for a Kaiser cj-5 with the optional warner t-98 4 speed .

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Hank, I have a stack of transmission floor plates.if you can send a pic of what you are looking for I may have one.Dave can give you my contact info.

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