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1946 Ad For the Jeep Station Wagon

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This 2-page Car for all the People ad was featured in the Saturday Evening Post on December 21, 1946, pages 56 and 57. You’ll notice the ad has “Makers of America’s Most Useful Vehicles” phrase (the prequel phrase to “The World’s Most useful Vehicles”). it also has a Willys-Overland badge. I’m working on documenting when that bade comes and goes.


On the cover the magazine was a Main Street Christmas scene that included, at the bottom right, a tree tied to the top of a jeep.

1946-12-21-sat-evening-post-cover-jeep 1946-12-21-sat-evening-post-cover-jeep2



2 Comments on “1946 Ad For the Jeep Station Wagon

  1. Charles Duryea

    Hi Dave That POST cover was Falls City Nebraska… their main street. My grandparents lived there, and John Falter ( the artist) did too. They had a Packard car at the time, and it was parked in a certain spot, included in the painting. As a kid , they often showed me which car it was and had alot of fun with the cover. My grandfathers first cousin, who was like a bro to him, had a CJ and used to give us kids Jeep rides in the hills of Richardson County, where I still live.. Pretty cool! Thanks Charlie in Nebraska

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