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1975 CJ-5 VAM Brochure

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Maury shared this 1975 Brochure from VAM, a company that produced jeeps, among other products, in Mexico. The photos show the short nose CJ-5, some of which had inline 6 (199 AMC) starting in 1966. One of the pics includes a Surrey DJ-5.

1975-VAM-mexico-cj5-brochure-surrey1 1975-VAM-mexico-cj5-brochure-surrey2 1975-VAM-mexico-cj5-brochure-surrey3 1975-VAM-mexico-cj5-brochure-surrey4


4 Comments on “1975 CJ-5 VAM Brochure

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Gilberto,

    I’m glad you liked that. I’m sure the brochure was on eBay.
    I do not have any VAM brochures and I just checked eBay to see if there were any CJ-7 VAM brochures, but could not find one.

    There is some info on VAM at the CJ-3B page, but not about the CJ-7:

    Do you know any history on Mexico’s green fleet of service trucks? I always wanted to find more info about them:

    – Dave

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Glad you found what you needed. Hmm .. I wonder if there were some vintage “Angeles azules” Willys?? … I’ll do some searches. Thanks and good luck!

    – Dave

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