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The Steel Soldier from WGTE in Toledo, Ohio

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You’ve likely seen this video titled Steel Soldiers. It was something I posted back in 2008. The video was produced at WGTE Public Media. While the video can be viewed via youtube, the higher quality version can be still be seen on WGTE”s website. There are prototype jeeps, jeeps during war, post war jeeps, and even a few scenes at the end of the Yakima Ridge Runners racing around their area.

Or view the youtube version below:


5 Comments on “The Steel Soldier from WGTE in Toledo, Ohio

  1. Mike

    Higher quality? I’m just amazed that this film footage still exists. I like that old “Grainy” look, adds realism to watching. Thanks Dave, you always out do yourself, such enthusiasm.

  2. Mike

    Exactly at the 20:00 mark in the film, look closely, you will see a Willys Jeep with right hand drive. I think somebody long ago edited the film clip backwards. (negative) Check it out.

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