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The Swiss Knife of CJ-5s

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UPDATE: Back in 2012 I ran across a pic of this CJ-5 on Flickr (1st one shown below). Now, thanks to rob, we have a series of photos of this North Carolina CJ-5, custom built by the owner.  Sure looks handy!

cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc2 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc3 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc4 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc5

cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc6 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc7 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc8 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc9 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc10 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc11 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc12 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc13 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc14 cj5-backhoe-bucket-nc15


11 Comments on “The Swiss Knife of CJ-5s

  1. deilers

    It sure does. One other thought is that maybe it is part of a dually connector assembly, but I doubt it.

  2. Mike

    The engineering is top notch, you got to have some kind of background to do this, admirable indeed. Having said that, with all that extra added weight, what was done to improve suspension? I doubt those stock Jeep leaf springs could hold up under all that extra weight.

  3. Bingo

    I’m impressed….& green. Gonna guess he’s got a PTO on a 4sp. tranny or it’s xfer case. Doubt that a pulley drive would handle all dat juice. No turns while bucket’s down?!

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