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Large Two-sided Jeep Sign Saint Joseph, MO eBay

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Maury spotted this sign on eBay. The neon has been removed, but still a neat sign. The seller believe this was a temporary sign created just after WWII, but given the post WWII signs I’ve seen, I’d guess early 1950s or later would be more likely.

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“Vintage Jeep Willys Sales Service Auto Dealer Neon Sign 1940s 1950s USA . Condition is Used. This is a truly authentic, post-war Willys Jeep dealership sign that was was created fresh after the end of WWII. This sign is hand painted, not porcelain and was more than likely used for the dealership here in St. Joseph for a short time right after the war as a ‘fill-in’ then shortly retired. I say this because the paint is remarkably bright and not faded.

Stored in a warehouse for many years it acquired a few scrapes and scratches, also there is some light rust along the bottom as well as the center seam line, it will need some touching up. The neon will also need replaced. I imagine it had the 3-line red white & blue pattern. I have always wanted to put this back to original, my priorities have since changed. I acquired this some 25 odd years ago, it is by far my favorite. A wonderful symbol of American pride and spirit, I have really enjoyed displaying this sign.

35 1/2 inches tall x 68 inches wide x 8 3/4 inches deep for the body of the sign. The sign brackets are 51 1/4 inches tall. The sign is approx 100 Lbs or so – I can only guess. Listed as a pickup only. Buyer responsible for shipping costs and arranging services. No international sales. No early sales. Thank you.

******* Everyone please note both sides are identical, this is a two sided sign. The first picture at an inward angle – that is a picture of one side of the sign. The second picture is at an outward angle – that is the OPPOSITE side of the sign. I included many close-ups of both sides to highlight the imperfections as well as the condition of this sign.

There also appears to be a ‘ghost sign’ under this one. In all of the years I have had this sign I never noticed it before. When I am looking directly at it I can’t see it, but in the picture, outlines of letters can be seen. Thank you to the observant person who caught this, if I can figure out what it says I will post it.


One comment on “Large Two-sided Jeep Sign Saint Joseph, MO eBay

  1. rdjeep

    The seller notes there are “ghost” letters beneath, “hand painted”, and while the neon tube posts are placed on the letters, the porcelain pass-through bushings aren’t quite in the right spots for my eye. There also looks to be a number of circular opening covers along the bottom. I think this was a repurposed sign.

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