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1943 MB Remsen, NY Price?


UPDATE: **Still Available**. It’s got a cracked frame. See comments. Was $11,000. It should be less now.

Includes a trailer.

“Fully restored army Willys jeep. 4cyl ,everything works. Trailer included. Standard shift, 4 wheel drive works.”

1943-mb-trailer-ramsen-ny1 1943-mb-trailer-ramsen-ny2 1943-mb-trailer-ramsen-ny3 1943-mb-trailer-ramsen-ny4


9 Comments on “1943 MB Remsen, NY Price?

  1. Dave from Mn

    Fully restored should mean you have gotten rid of the pipe bumper and Solex carb.

  2. Andy

    No congrats required….went to finalize the deal and found the frame cracked and bent in the middle on both rails..Hidden by gas sump and muffler. Had to walk away, as jeeps needs new frame.
    Funny that repair shop did not adress this major damage, but rebuilt engine and brakes, etc…instead.
    Would never pass inspection as is unfortunately..

  3. Joe in Mesa

    I’m confused: is it sold or otherwise ad pulled by the seller?
    Or available, but where’s the link?
    Thanks :-).

  4. Andy

    Still for sale, I passed up on it when I saw the broken frame , bent body, and non-matching vin. # on title.
    Good luck

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Andy. I’ve added the link back to the post.

    Joe: I’d forgotten to add the link back to the post. But what are you doing reading eWillys? Aren’t you at Disneyland? 🙂

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