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1953 Willys Aero Introductory Brochure on eBay

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The seller has several of these neat Willys Aero brochures. It’s not anything jeep-related, but it’s a neat advertising piece. This advertisement dovetails with Willys 1951-1953 efforts to push the WILLYS brand. At the start of 1953 Willys-Overland introduced the Aero Falcon, the Aero Ace, and the Aero Lark.

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1953-aero-newspaper1 1953-aero-newspaper2 1953-aero-newspaper3


4 Comments on “1953 Willys Aero Introductory Brochure on eBay

  1. Glennstin

    Thanks Dave for referencing the Aero, a seldom seen Willys product. Your Willys Sales Promotions section really shows the effort at The Overland in the early 50’s to expand the product lineup. Good examples of the Aero are a strange sight at most car shows. Price meant they sold few, and survivors are fewer because of the rust beetle. When Henry Kaiser and the boys from Willow Run showed up in ’53, they tried desperately to stop the bleeding in the car divisions by dropping Frazier and Henry J. Kaiser and Aero lines were shuffled to use up parts inventories. No gimmicks such as superchargers, more chrome and fancy paint seemed to help competition with those fancy offerings from The Big Three. In early ’55 Henry K threw in the towel by canceling Kaiser and shipping Aero to Brazil. The Willys name on an American built car ended with the shortened production run of the 1955 Custom and Bermuda models. When you see an Aero at an event, stop a moment to think about that Willys Showroom and the customer that took her home.

  2. Vintage Don

    Yep, agree. There were two Aeros at the Willys Reunion in Aurora OH this past weekend. (I just bought the above brochure!)

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