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FC-Van in Sweden $10 000 kr (About $1047)

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Oscar shared this Ex-Swedish Army Ambulance FC Van for sale.

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4 Comments on “FC-Van in Sweden $10 000 kr (About $1047)

  1. Mike

    Louie. As soon as I saw this very rare rig I started asking same question. But I got too many projects. Maybe someone to help as investment because of high value even in current condition. I did some checking. Shipping companies will give quotes but the folks who you’d need to call directly are EPA, DOT, & Customs. You may get a pass with EPA & DOT because of vehicle age but double check them and especially Customs. Custom can send it back if all is not right. Estimated shipping cost to get it from there to your driveway would still be way under it’s value. I’d sell all my projects if I could get this one.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Craig Brockhaus imported his FC van from Sweden (I think it was Sweden anyway) a couple years ago. If someone is serious about this, he’d be a good resource.

  3. Craig Brockhaus

    There are no import tariffs as it is a US built vehicle originally. My van was non-running but did roll and the cost to get it to either Savannah, Georgia or Houston, Texas was just under $6000. And I made the transaction purely through trust. Most people hire a broker to get the job done.

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