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Dinky Jeep and Champ Surrey, BC, Canada $75

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Jon share this ad of an aspiring music student selling these Dinky toys. This is the closest I want to come to owning an Austin Champ again!

dinky-toys-champ-jeep1 dinky-toys-champ-jeep2 dinky-toys-champ-jeep3 dinky-toys-champ-jeep4


6 Comments on “Dinky Jeep and Champ Surrey, BC, Canada $75

  1. charles

    dear david have also these for sale — 1 jeep in red – 1 in green + austin champ -dinky toys -greetz

  2. Craig in ME

    You owned an Austin Champ at one time? If so, what was wrong w/it? (Since you don’t want one again.)

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I owned 3 non runners. I saved them from being crushed. Before I bought them in 2010 I contacted the Austin Champ FB guys and asked them about the value. Oh, they said, they are worth far more than the $2000 asking price. So, I pulled the trigger and bought them.

    It turned those guys couldn’t have been more wrong. This champs weren’t worth much at all… In the end, I was lucky to find someone who was willing to take them off my hands for what I paid for them.

    Here are the pics:

  4. Dave from Mn

    They certainly don’t look all that bad. But I know nothing about them. Personal opinion if you were trying to sell them around 2010-2011 markets for projects were poor unless they were priced way under market.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    The problem was the guy I bought them from offered to let me keep them where they were until I could find buyers, but then turned around after I bought them and said I needed to moved them soon. Unfortunately, I had no practical way to move them. Again, I was lucky to find someone who would buy them and move them.

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