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No Updates Thursday


No Updates Thursday. I’ll be spending the day semi-assembling Rusty the DJ-3A as I have a buyer for him.  More later.


4 Comments on “No Updates Thursday

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Intriguing! Making room for another, perhaps? Or maybe an FC???
    So you still have Peterson and Lost Biscuit, correct?
    Just keeping my scorecard up to date ;-).

  2. Just Me

    Couldn’t be more rusty than my DJ3A!
    Putting a bare lamp in the tub at night and it becomes a planetarium projector!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Joe: That’s correct. Patterson and Lost Biscuit are still here. I figured I wouldn’t get to Rusty for quite a while, so better it goes to someone who can use it.

    Just Me: It’s actually not all that Rusty. I’ve definitely seen much worse. The body is quite sound. Lots of the parts have been blasted and painted.

    – Dave

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