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Palamino Roof 60 Mower Reproduction Manuals

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UPDATE: This is an Instruction Manual and Engine/Parts Manual for the Roof Palomino Model 60 Mower.  It was formerly on eBay.

The Roof Palomino Instruction manual:

roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages0-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages1-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages2-lores


Roof Palomino 60 Operations Engien and Parts Manual:

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roof-palomino-lawnmower-engine-parts-manual2 roof-palomino-lawnmower-engine-parts-manual3 roof-palomino-lawnmower-engine-parts-manual4 roof-palomino-lawnmower-engine-parts-manual5


From April 2015: This was on eBay. It includes a a reference to the Palamino Roof Jeep Brochure.

“the brochure is a fold out design with 8 pages total. It is in xlnt condition with no writing or marks. This is the most unusual mower ever made and way ahead of its time. This mower sold for $1600 in the era of $3000 cars. They resemble early Jeeps and many have been made into utility vehicles that resemble mini Jeeps and got rid of the mower deck, They are rare and highly collectible. This is the ultimate brochure since 99 percent of the brochures from Roof are on Card stock type paper and this is glossy magazine type paper representing the complete product line.”




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