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Photos from the 2019 Great Willys Picnic

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The heater looks like it was perfect for this years Great Willys Picnic. Thanks to Craig, we’ve got some photos.

He also wanted to mention some details about the “Camel Towing” pickup: Under the hood was a 4 litre engine from a Wrangler, converted to carbs. Except for a small cut in the firewall and a notch into a cross-brace, you’d think the engine was original equipment. He even retained the engine’s cooling fan, without having to switch to an electrical fan set up. I thought I took a picture of the engine compartment, but apparently did not. He did have to raise the suspension a few inches to clear the bell housing without having to resort to re-doing the transmission tunnel, but raised pickups are so common that no one batted an eye at it. All in all, it was very cleverly done.


“Camel towing” truck

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4 Comments on “Photos from the 2019 Great Willys Picnic

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I hope some day you can make it there, Dave. It was a lot of fun. Their Facebook page said 85 classic jeeps were registered, and unregistered jeeps that showed up brought the total to around 100. Great flea market area too, lots of used parts.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    My hope is to get something similar going over here in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, if you want to copy it you need to come here and experience it firsthand, to see exactly how they do it. (How’s that for an excuse to come here next year?)

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