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1943 Photo of Carl Buehler Getting His Jeep Ride on eBay

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Carl must have penned a powerful letter! Carl J. Buehler, JR, passed away in 2001.

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“1943 Press Photo 10-year-old Carl Buehler’s first jeep-ride, Verona, NJ. This is an original press photo. World War II – United States. Verona, New Jersey. Carl Buehler of Verona, New Jersey, wrote to the president saying that he had been promised a jeep ride for selling war bonds and that such promise had not been kept. The jeep showed up by presidential order, driven by Major Arthur J. Lonegren and here we see the 10-year-old boy getting his much desired jeep-ride. Photo measures 7.75 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 11-10-1943.




In 1943, Carl was honored for his 1942 efforts when he joined a New York City parade in 1943. Later, in 1944, Carl was back in the papers as a twelve-year-old hoping to break his previous war bond drive effort.



8 Comments on “1943 Photo of Carl Buehler Getting His Jeep Ride on eBay

  1. Mike

    Verona, NJ is within ten miles of Clifton, NJ, my old home town. This was a little bit before my time, just the same, had I been alive at that time, Most certainly, I would have bugged a family member to take me to see this event.

  2. Bob in nc

    How do you beat what he did as a young man later in life? This guy was a hot shot. Probably a good one to know if you were looking for a date.

  3. Mike

    Yes, he did get a good start in life, if he had been my friend, most likely my life would have been very different.

  4. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    The way the hood numbers are painted on this jeep looks different, doesn’t it? Not like how I’ve usually seen it done.

  5. Mike

    Yes, they do look different, hand lettered as opposed to painted with stencils, as I’ve seen in the past.

  6. Bob in nc

    Reading your introduction again about his “powerful” letter – you are right. My mom always said a pen can be more powerful than a sword.

  7. Blair

    Carl was my father. He was an amazing man who accomplished much in life. He was resident of his class, voted most likely to succeed and editor of the school newspaper. He even had his own radio show at WCAP- The Carl Buehler Record Request Show. Following his graduation from Manasquan High School, where he met my mother, he received his degree from Rutgers University. Carl served his country as a marine before starting his career with IBM. After IBM, he was president of Rocappi, a typesetting corporation in NJ. He started his own printing business in 1980 supplying prescription pads to most doctors in the US. He was a wonderful father to my 3 siblings and me and grandfather to 4. He passed away in 2001 at the age of 68. I am so proud to call my dad, “The boy behind the man behind the gun”

  8. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks so much for those insights! I hope you were pleasantly surprised to find his photo here!

    – Dave

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