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Instructions for Koenig Bed Extender 3J90

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Another installment of my series on how to assemble Koenig stuff. These instructions help guide the installation of a Koenig 3J90 bed extender.



2 Comments on “Instructions for Koenig Bed Extender 3J90

  1. Gayland Leddy

    So the Koenig extensions are three piece with tubular supports and the Newgren extensions are one piece with angular supports.

  2. rusty jheep

    I have one of these but I just cant find it , its here somewhere , its the model that folds , big heavy duty piano hinges , where is it ? I sure would like to find it ? I know I didn’t get any mounting hardware , so these instructions are a god send , thank you from the bottom of my black jeepin heart , we the jeeping public owe you a debt of gratitude , whatever that means ?

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