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Road Trip Starting Monday

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Longtime readers remember that we purchased a DJ-3A that we named Rusty in September of 2016 in anticipation of our Alaska trip in the summer of 2017. A buyer on the East Coast recently purchased that DJ-3A and has paid us to trailer it to him. He’s getting a good deal on Rusty, while we are getting our costs for a road trip covered. It’s a win-win.

Unlike our normal tours, we plan to drive straight to our destination, then pretty much turn around and head back, though our return route will take us north with a goal of stopping at Glacier National Park, a place I’ve yet to see. Our goal is only to be gone about two weeks (rather than our usual 6-8 weeks).


Rusty right after we picked him up in Montana in 2016.


12 Comments on “Road Trip Starting Monday

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I found an used, dented one. There’s a reader who is interested using an old tank as a model for creating new ones. I haven’t received an update on how that project is progressing.

    – Dave

  2. Bob in nc

    Good morning.
    Be careful on the highway expecially towing a Jeep. That’s a long drive.
    Please take some pictures of your tow rig and anything unusual you see along the way. Make sure you stop by Stockman’s bar & grill in Missoula.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: The drive will be about 2500 miles. Contrast that to when we pulled Patterson to Alaska and back, which was about 5500 miles. So, my expectations are that this *should* be an easier drive. We’ll see about hitting Stockman’s on the way back.

    Gayland: Yes, we will be sticking to I-90/I-94 on the way over and then head north until we hit highway 2 for the trip to Glacier. However, my hope is that we can do an early March trip down to Texas via Colorado, then return via Phoenix for the final FC Roundup. But, we’ll see how the weather is in regards to that idea.

    Peter: We’ll likely be going through Wisconsin via I-90/I-94, but haven’t finalized that decision. I can say we won’t be spending much time exploring places like we do on our usual trips (I lived in Madison for a couple years and explored southern Wisconsin quite a bit). I’ll update everyone when we know more.

  4. goingtothesunroad

    dateline june 1980 , pulled into lake McDonald camp in glacier national park , got a site and went to the restroom to freshen up , in there I overheard some campers talking about a bear attack , it seems two park employees , a man and a woman were camped near lake McDonald in a tent and they were having sex , true story , well mr grizzly bear happened to hear the commotion and ate both of them , I got a refund on my camp site and left for Canada the same day , no jeeps were harmed in telling of this story . ps , came back into the usa through Washington just in time for the mt st helens eruption , collected ash samples at the 10,000 foot level of mt rainier , camp muir , still have them .

  5. goingtothesunroad

    glacier park bear attack update — it was the july 24, 1980 attack , 2 park employees , probably worked for the concessioner , they weren’t rangers , I thought it was near lake McDonald , which is on the west side of the park , but it was about 10 miles away on the east side of the park near the town of st. marys , on divide creek , the divide is between the national park and the blackfoot reservation , i thought it was around june 1980 because i was in a restaurant in Missoula one morning and it looked smoggy outside ? i got a newspaper and it said mt st helens in Washington had erupted , that was may 18 , 1980 , so i was pretty close to the date , considering i had just visited the coors brewery and climbed the grand teton on some kind of purple hippie vitamin pill .. hehehehe — saw a real nice red jeepster in deer lodge , montana , parked by clark fork river , fishing poles in the back , top down ..

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