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U-Haul: Adventure in Moving

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Rusty awaiting his chariot .. he had to wait longer than we anticipated.

Let me start by saying that I’ve rented U-Haul trucks, trailers and dollies in the past without issue. So, I guess it was my turn …

I picked up the trailer in Pasco at 8:00. They were quick to get it hooked up for me, so quick that they didn’t hand me any damage sheet. Just in case, I figured I’d take a quick look at the trailer to see if there was any damage. It was good that I did, because I saw a bent light.

To be honest, I didn’t check it all that closely (I figured that’s what U-Haul is supposed to do when a trailer it turned in at a U-Haul location). So, I snapped a pic to record the damage just in case.`

Apparently, the Pasco location does NOT check their trailers closely, because when we arrived in Renton (3 hours later) Ann took a closer look at the light and found it was broken. We thought about just zip tying it in place, but felt that, given the length of the trip, we ought to get it properly repaired.


After a couple calls and a visit to the U-Haul website, I finally got through to a U-Haul rep. He was great. He promised someone would arrive in an hour. To U-Haul’s credit, a tow truck driver named Richard from Lynn’s Towing arrived on time, but he didn’t have the parts to fix the trailer. Richard, a forty year tow truck veteran, said I’d need to swap the trailer. He suggested I call U-Haul and tell them I needed a new trailer.

Well, after a couple phone calls, I found myself transferred to a dead phone line. Sigh.

However, while I ran into an awkward call system, Richard didn’t waste any time. He got himself connected with a local U-Haul to explain what happened. Then, he organized another tow truck driver to pickup our trailer, take it back to U-Haul and bring back a new trailer. This was all done as I was holding on the phone with U-Haul. Soon, Richardhad it all taken care of and he told me to hang up the phone.

So, instead of spending the night in Spokane, we spent the night in Renton, then headed out early this morning.

U-Haul’s slogan used to be “Adventure in Moving”. Yesterday, the company lived up to that for sure!



6 Comments on “U-Haul: Adventure in Moving

  1. Rick

    My experience with Uhaul has been similar. Deal with local only, National, toll-free Uhaulers don’t know or give a d_ _ n! All my face-to-face dealings have been great!

  2. Dave from Mn

    Some of their centers certainly have different standards than others. One time when I was in Phoenix I went to rent a trailer to haul a small vehicle they insisted the hitch on my truck was not adequate. Luckily there’s several U-Haul‘s in the Phoenix area I just drove to a different one and they didn’t even look at my truck.


    whats the problem ? doesn’t it run ? tune it up and drive it ? its summer time ? open road touring ? great fun ?

  4. Chuck

    Dave from Mn says; “Some of their centers certainly have different standards”
    I can certainly attest to this!
    Rented a piano dolly as a local resident Californian in California. Two forms of I.D and a $50 deposit mandatory. Drove to Utah and needed to unload the piano. Headed to the local Utah U-haul, on the way searching my wallet for $50 cash and wondering about my now “out of state” I.D. Walk up to the counter, request a piano dolly and lay two forms of I.D. and $50 dollars on the counter. The U-Haul guy looks at me puzzled and asks; “What’s that for?” I tell him its two forms of I.D. and a deposit. He says; “aw hell just take the thing and we’ll settle up when you get back”.

  5. Bob

    I have seen people hauling U-hauls with vehicles they should never tow with, and sometimes U-haul places that won’t let you rent a car trailer even with an f-150, so yes, they seem to be all over the board!

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