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Beautiful Weather For a Drive

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No updates today. They’ll resume Thursday morning.

We spent all day yesterday driving. Thankfully, the skies were beautiful and the temps moderate. A perfect day for towing.



7 Comments on “Beautiful Weather For a Drive

  1. Dave from Mn

    Looks like you should be hitch heavy with the Jeep that far forward on the trailer.

  2. Chuck

    Your a smart man. While most assume a fellow with multiple Jeeps should own a car trailer. A wise man knows owning a car trailer only acts as an enabler to those with a Jeep addiction.

    Enjoy the adventure of moving! Better you than me, but sooner or later it’s going to be me – gotta get out of California!

  3. Chuck

    Dale, where’d you move to? I’m searching various places and haven’t figured out the best place yet.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Dave, I agree about your positioning comment. Less than ideal. But, the trailer is t well suited for position the Jeep differently. Know that the front of the Jeep isnt as heavy as normal as it only has the stripped engine. All the other engine parts are in the Cherokee. And, it has the DJ axle.

  5. Dale Heizer

    My wife moved to Kaysville Ut. Great town affordable gas, vehicle registration, gun friendly and alot of places to go wheeling.

  6. Chuck

    Thanks, I’ll research Kaysville and Utah in general. The perks you mentioned are all important to me. Not being Mormon, I never considered Utah much,. Hey maybe could be a “Jack-Mormon”? Get me a couple of mail order brides from the Philippians? Lol! (no offense to any mormons reading, ya’ll seem like good people)

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