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Thumbs Up for a Champaign Storm

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We’ve stopped in Champaign for the night. Just as we entered the city, a storm arrived. By the time we found the statute of movie critic Roger Ebert, which sits outside the Virginia theater in Champaign, Illinois (now showing John Wayne in Red River), sheets of rain could be seen and gnarly clouds were everywhere. We saw lightening and heard the thunder that followed. Thankfully, there was no rain falling on us. All three of us thought it made for a great storm, worthy of three thumbs up!!



6 Comments on “Thumbs Up for a Champaign Storm

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I took it in selfie mode with my phone on our suitcase. I didn’t catch that the lettering was backwards. Ann would usually catch that, but her head was hurting bad by then.

  2. Greg Miller

    I wish I had known you were going to be here. I live here in Champaign and I could have told you that there was a car show in one of the towns ten minutes up the road. I was at the car show all day with my 1964 Mercury Comet and my newly purchased 1959 Jeep FC170. The storm you mentioned caught me as I was hauling the FC back to it’s parking spot.

  3. bob in NC


    my younger older brother had a 64 442 that he got new for $1900 back then. my other older brother bought a 64-65 comet new. is was a smaller diminutive car. the one brother used to call it the vomit is was so slow on the track. he tried to make it fast.

  4. Greg Miller


    I can see why he would call it that. Mine has the Ford 200 cu in straight six that was never exactly a powerhouse. Although, it does surprisingly well on the street with the K&N filter; a D.U.I. electronic ignition distributor which replaced the turd Ford called the Load-A-Matic; and a Flowmaster fed by some slightly oversized pipe.

    The FC170 was listed here on Ewillys when I bought it three weeks ago. In fact, because I was going to take it to the car show, I haven’t even unloaded it from the trailer yet. Of all the places to begin, I’ve decided to start with a new wiring harness from Walck’s which will hopefully save me some headache when trying to figure out if I have a problem with the wire or with an electrical part. I also need to disassemble the steering box because it has a problem.

    The FC170 also has Sears & Roebuck Allstate locking hubs along with a Sears Allstate turn signal assembly. This has spurred me to start looking for a pair of Sears Allstate seat belts for it.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Greg, on a normal trip I would have announced it and we would have had time to meet up, but on this trip we have had very little extra time. It worked out for the best anyway, as that storm coincided with Ann having a intense headache. When we got to the motel, she went straight to bed.

    We also got to barely spend any time in Peoria, but want to return to see the Catepillar display (looks cool).

    We just stopped by antique archeology. Great T-shirt’s and other tourist products, but for an antiques store it was really dissapointing

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