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Two Jeep Toys from Frank

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Frank shared these pics of toys his neighbor gave him. Anyone familiar with either?

The first toy is an odd one. The rabbit in the bubble spins as the jeep moves.

toy-bunny-frank1 toy-bunny-frank2 toy-bunny-frank3

The second toy is a puzzle, as it’s in a CJ-2A box, so he’s not sure if this toy had it’s own box and the neighbor got confused or if it came in the 2A box. With all the nice details, one would expect the base would be correct, too.

toy-jeep-frank1 toy-jeep-frank2

toy-jeep-frank3 toy-jeep-frank4 toy-jeep-frank5 toy-jeep-frank6 toy-jeep-frank7


5 Comments on “Two Jeep Toys from Frank

  1. Craig in ME

    As for the MB labelled CJ2A, it is correct. I bought a bunch of these wholesale years ago and sold them at events. It is one of the better diecast WWII jeeps I have seen, but was incorrectly marked as a CJ2A…someone didn’t do their research at the plant! I’ve been trying to find more of these to sell, but they aren’t produced anymore. I believe it is 1/43 scale. Too bad…it was a good seller for me.

  2. Herr Van

    The first was a McDonalds Happy Meal toy from 25+ years ago featuring Elmira from a cartoon called Tiny Toons Adventures. I believe Taz the Tasmanian devil also had a jeep in the series.

  3. Frank Porfidio

    the MB is VERY detailed , glad it got posted , I’m learning something here !

  4. John

    Herr Van nailed it with that. Hadn’t thought about show in half a lifetime but I knew it looked familiar

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the help guys! I’m with Frank … learned something new!

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