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1961 CJ-5 Boring, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** $2700. Paul pointed out that his probably has a ventilating windshield.

Runs and drives. If the rust isn’t bad, it could be a reasonable price.

“U.S. Forest service Low time unit. Has been stored for long time, runs like a champ.”




8 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 Boring, OR **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Paul, yep, I bet you are right. I kept thinking the windshield looked odd, but without seeing the pivot arms it just didn’t occur to me.

  2. Galen Horton

    That is a venting windshield, wish the picture from the backside was horizontal so we could see more detail – latches, arms, etc. Looks to have had all the vacuum wiper system removed. I’m reassembling a venting windshield right now, & pics of complete ones are hard to come by.


    hmmm , ventilating windshield on an open vehicle ? wheres the logic ? I do want one for my 67 cj6 though , it has a Kelly hardtop , its like a ****ing oven inside on a summer day ..

  4. Blaine

    I thought the building looked familiar. The Jeep is pictured at ‘Alleycat’ which is the Army Surplus store in Boring, Oregon. However the phone number in the CL ad is not the number for the store.
    Maybe Galen can phone one of the numbers and get some pictures.


    Boring , Oregon , sounds about right ? I banished my ex wife to Oregon , up by the shakespeare festival , haight ashbury north , its where old hippies go to FRY , sure would like to find a ventilator windshield for my CJ-6 , I saw one on craigslist last year , N.O.S. $1200 semoilians , incomplete , just the 2 frames , no rubber , no props or handles .. oh well …

  6. Blaine

    Just to clear up the name of “Boring” for this worldwide audience. “Boring” is the family name of the people that the town was named after. Nothing to do with the sidewalks being rolled up after dark.

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