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2 1953 Berg’s “King of Jeeps” Parts Catalog on ebay

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This gives a fairly early look at the parts available for jeeps; it’s hard to say how many images it has.

View all the information on eBay  (there is a second 1953 catalog also available; it’s cheap, but isn’t in very good shape: View all the information on eBay)

1953-king-of-jeeps-bergs-catalog1a 1953-king-of-jeeps-bergs-catalog2a 1953-king-of-jeeps-bergs-catalog3a 1953-king-of-jeeps-bergs-catalog4a




7 Comments on “2 1953 Berg’s “King of Jeeps” Parts Catalog on ebay

  1. Mike

    This would be an interesting background story to do about Berg’s. being that they were located in Chicago, I wonder if there was any connection to J C Whitney?

  2. Morgan

    I assumed that was an MB on the cover, but it appears to have tool indents on the passenger side?!?
    M38 with an MB grill I guess.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I had assumed that too, but now I see the indents are on the passenger side. However, to me it still seems more MB (lots of MB details) than M-38 (it’s missing the cowl lid, the correct windshield, and other details). Why they put the indents on the driver side is a mystery to me.

    – Dave

  4. Colin Peabody

    J.C. Whitney and Bergs were located only about 3 blocks from each other back in the day. You could buy Jeep parts galore from either. I bought parts for my Model A from J.C. Whitney as well as an Ansen Posi Shifter for my 54 Chevy. Berg was a Ukranian immigrant and Israel Warshawsky(J.C. Whitney founder) was a Lithuanian immigrant. My best guess is they knew each other, even though competitors.

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