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Nelly Belle Pin

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I just picked this pin up off of ebay thanks to Maury!

There are two more, though not quite as nice, on eBay right now (you can make an offer on them), from a different seller.



4 Comments on “Nelly Belle Pin

  1. Mike

    I think these came in a box of Post cereal when originally marketed in the !950’s. ten years ago when moving, I found unopened box of Post Toasties from the early 1950’s. On the back of the box was an offer for a miniature Roy Rogers play set. I remember the story that goes with the box of Toasties, (of course I remember, everything from 60 years ago, nothing that I did yesterday) my mom said to me, finish the open box of cereal, then you can open the Post Toasties. Like most kids of my era, I never finished the first box of cereal, and that’s how the Toasties remained unopened for all those years.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    You had me at an “unopened box of Post Toasties from the early 1950’s” ….. How many unopened cereal boxes were there? You should have ebayed that box, lol, or donated it to science to see if the cereal was still edible 🙂

  3. clem

    Nelly Belle the jeep as been on craigslist recentley, Not the original but the stand in, for the kids to sit in, and public display.


    ok , PAT BRADY was the one who drove NELLYBELLE the jeep , can anybody figure why they drove a JEEP in a cowboy tv show ? doesn’t make a lot of SENSE ?? and we can all agree on this , PAT BRADY was a fairly annoying sidekick , i hope he wasn’t like that in REAL LIFE ?? i did some work for SLIM PICKENS once in Sonora , cal , and he was a much more PALATABLE sidekick …

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