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1978 Fiat Campagnola Poulsbo, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000.

Not many of these Fiat Campagnolas in the states.

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“1978 Fiat Campagnola – Basically an Italian Land Rover Defender.
4 wheel drive, simple, unbreakable off road vehicle.

Clean title in hand. Purchased two years ago August 2017 from a classic car dealership. I was looking for a tough all weather, off road rig to take me on back country adventures. One that could handle all weather and terrain. Then one day I discovered the Campagnola. I met a guy in a parking lot getting into his 1979 Campagnola (different rig). Smitten with It’s unique simplicity and rugged design I approached him to inquire about it. Turns out he’s a collector and had just returned from Italy with three of them. He said he had a special model for sale with a classic car dealership. He described this 1978 as being the most authentic of the three. It was the last year for this model which has more of the original features. He shared some specs and stories of how he drove this particular rig off road in the Alps in a blizzard, up and over snowbanks was easy and the heater rocks.

After our conversation I was sold, realized it was an unbeatable rig as opposed to the current crop of SUVs on the new and vintage market. I did my research and found that it was very popular and sought after on the European off road market but uncommon here in the USA because very few have been imported. At the time I couldn’t find any for sale in the USA and those in similar condition for sale in Europe were going between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. I calculated the cost to import and decided that the asking price of $26,000 was in the fair ballpark. I had to have it. That evening I drove to the dealership and purchased this rare 1978 Campagnola for $23,000.

Now selling for $15,000 which is a good deal considering I haven’t put hardly any miles on it and I’ve also made some valuable updates. I’ll consider all reasonable offers because I’m motivated to sell but at the same time I’m not going to take a big loss so don’t waste time making a low ball offer.

I really am sorry to see her go…
Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to take the adventures I dreamed of. And my financial situation requires me to sell some of my toys. Embarrassed to say that I’ve only put no more than 100 miles on her. I have taken good care of her and put some money into keeping her going.
* tune up
* oil changed
* Brand new battery installed
* hoses replaced
* installed a new thermostat
* updated the electrical system by replacing old wiring with new.
It’s easy to work on and a joy to tinker with. Parts are foreign but not difficult to find. I’ve been able to get them as needed locally without relying on the many European outlets that sell parts on Ebay and good to know that there are plenty of resources for acquiring these older fiat parts. There are also several Campagnola FB groups and online clubs that provide a ton of information.

The overall condition is great. A Real head turner.
Engine runs well. Valves may need an adjustment. Tires have great tread. Interior is stock, clean and simple. The leather seats are in excellent condition. No tears. Body is straight, no dents. Missing one windshield wiper arm. (I ordered one and somehow I lost it before installing it?). Paint is a flat army green, with a few minor blemishes. I think she looks cool the way she is with a military style. Yet with a fresh paint job this rig would be parade worthy! Or not, skip the car shows and just have fun getting her dirty off road. I had planned to put a pop up tent on the roof and make good use of the roomy interior by adding a custom camping kitchen. So many possibilities and so much fun!

* 2000cc gas engine
* 4 speed
* Hi/Lo from the cab.
* Rear fold down seats.
* Removable hardtop and windows.

The Campagnola first arrived in 1951, and was, like many of the aforementioned off-roaders, inspired by the Willys. It was cheap, it was simpl, and it has a humble 53-horsepower engine and selectable all-wheel drive; it became a staple both on the civilian and used markets within various Italian government agencies. Shortly after its debut, a Campagnola traveled across Africa from Cape Town to Algiers in one day, four hours and 54 minutes, setting a record that, according to FCA, still hasn’t been broken. Check this link out –

In 1973, the truck was redesigned and re-launched as the Nuevo Campagnola, and that’s the vehicle you see here for sale today. It grew in size, received a bigger engine (an inline-four that still made only around 80 horsepower) housed in a large, square engine bay that not only makes repairs easier but allows the truck to wade to depths up to 27 inches (a Defender, for reference, can wade up to 20 inches). Two bench jump-style seats in the back, which means you can take six of your friends into the backwoods with this bad boy. MacPherson struts suspended all four wheels with individual torsion bars with two struts for each of the rear wheels and a single strut for each of the front wheels All six struts used were of identical specification and thereby interchangeable. Road testers from the UK commended the smoothness of the ride over rough ground which evidently compared very favorably with that offered by the Land Rover of the time.”


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  1. alex

    can you please share the info of who bought this from you? I would like to make them an offer thank you

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have contact info for the buyer or the seller. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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