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Flattening a Mitsubishi Fender

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Gary shared this Instagram post by catskill_mtn_customs that demonstrates how to alter a Mitsubishi fender into a CJ-3B style fender.



4 Comments on “Flattening a Mitsubishi Fender

  1. Gary Jacobson

    Good comment. I was ambivalent myself, and I think that this is the most vain thing I ever pursued. In fact though, those fender ears and skirt/gussets were getting bent in from hits. I really like the CJ3b, and had a fat fender truck and 2a in the past. (As well as an FC150, and a transition 304 CJ5.) I love flat fenders and early CJs, but the Mitsu fenders not so much. Since before I acquired this Mitsu Jeep I had considered making one into a flat fender, and that idea was concretized by a chance run in with Nick who appreciated the Jeep, and had a lot of experience as a “metalshaper”. Once I learned that he could do the job, I decided to “go wild” and do something just because I wanted to satisfy an irrational desire. The idea of preserving an unmolested Jeep is righteous, and I would have been just a little bit less happy doing that than pursuing this project. So far I haven’t regretted the decision, and I don’t think that I ever will. Yet I agree with your sentiment!

  2. Mike

    Gary, Thanks for the comprehensive answer to my question. You took the time to reply in detail, I appreciate it.

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