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Jeeps @ Work

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Bernd was busy again using his CJ-5 to haul a repaired motor in Austria, then later carried garden material to the dump, while Dan used his jeep to tow his boat to Puget Sound for a ride around the south Sound area.

Bernd’s photos

20190720_140913_low 20190720_153309_low

Dan’s photos:

dan-jeep-boat0 dan-jeep-boat2 dan-jeep-boat3

That is Mount Rainier in the background:dan-jeep-boat4



8 Comments on “Jeeps @ Work

  1. Chuck

    My tractor wouldn’t start the other day and rather than spend the day working on it I hooked up a drag to the CJ3A to knock some weeds down. Wow, gave me a whole new appreciation for my tractor! It had the power and the gears to do the job but was struggling to find traction.

  2. Bob in nc

    Jeep’s @ work & play.

    That an awesome backdrop.

    Crabs this summer have been plentiful and so have the 3 dollar pound shrimp.

    Bob in nc

  3. farmer john

    i used to use my cj-6 for work — I had to get to high mountain peaks , behind locked gates — we had telecommunication relay sites — I had to fix or service emergency standby generators — climb towers to fix wind , storm damage — mountain lions — mud — great fun and got paid for it

  4. David Eilers Post author


    The boat was made on Vashon Island by Larson Marine in 1956 according to Dan. This is the first time it had been in Salt Water in probably 50 years.

    – Dave


    dateline — 1955 — I lived in the Puget sound area — Bremerton — oh my god — 6 months in navy housing — no sun — rain , rain , rain — had no jeep — too young to drive a jeep at 3 YEARS OLD !!! — hence — no jeep , maybe a toy jeep ? — I don’t remember , 3 yrs old and JEEPLESS IN SEATTLE !!! …seattle is just across the water from Bremerton , for your information …

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