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Modified M-170 Body Big Bear, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

This M-170 body has been modified on the passenger side.

cj6-m170-ie-ca0 cj6-m170-ie-ca1 cj6-m170-ie-ca2

“I have a cj6 or possibly modified m170 tub for sale … Basically a cj5 but 20 inches longer so it would be a great start to a jeep with more room for gear or people or both , plus way more stable on and off road… I have had it for about 7 years and had every intention of building it as I have loved the old cj’s forever but wanted more room for tools and camping gear.

I bought it right after my first kid was born and thought it would make a great family jeep and was going to take the drive train from my other old cj to build it… Sadly after the frame was stolen from my back yard, I put the project on hold and frankly waited too long because now my kids just want to go out in the other jeep so I don’t want to take it apart to build the cj6… It’s got some rust and some dings but its pretty solid…

Has about 10 coats of paint from previous owners and a little bondo( I am telling you all the bad up front) … It has some cool storage cubbys that only came in the military version as well as the drivers side glove box but it has jeep stamped on the sides and small door opening that didn’t come on the military version so I don’t know if its modified or a prototype between military and civilian models but it’s cool and I have only scene one other like it who’s owner also had never scene another …

I do have the cowl battery door not in the pic … I have no paperwork for the jeep and have not been able to find a single number anywhere so it’ being sold as is to someone that has an old cj that wants a longer body. This is a rare jeep tub that needs some love , asking $700 or best cash offer.”


2 Comments on “Modified M-170 Body Big Bear, CA **SOLD**

  1. Marshall Carlton

    hey, I just happen to have a cj-6 frame that I would sell if you were still interested in building that rig for yourself. Or if anyone else out there is looking for one, shoot me an e-mail, thanks.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Marshall,

    It looks like the M-170 body sold. I”ve updated the post. I can let readers know that you have the frame. I’ll schedule that for tomorrow morning. You just never know what folks need!

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