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Day 4 Aug 5th: Lobster Tales and Other Stories

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<– Day 3 August 4th: Maine’ly Driving Late Day 5 Aug 6th: Scooting Across to Nova Scotia –>


Jim, Kevin and Merlin parked for the night Monday night at the Rockwood campground in Saint John, NB.

Amazingly, the Canadians allowed the Newfoundland 2019 (or Rust) crew into Canada yesterday. Clearly they must be desperate for tourists! Well, that and the fact that New Brunswick is so far from the Yukon that they probably still haven’t received word about our 2017 visit to Canada. Whew!


My guess as to the route they took on Monday August 5th.

The crew started the morning in Sanford, Maine, at a Walmart Parking lot.


Beginning at the Sanford, Maine, Walmart.


My guess is that the crew hit Highway One along the Maine coast line, then followed it to Bar Harbor. Now, if you are new to this adventure, you may be wondering, why doesn’t the narrator know what’s happening? Well, that’s because the crew’s phones are being jammed and they are unable to communicate with the rest of the Western Hemisphere … it’s the only possible explanation. So, I’ll make a few literary leaps …

I HOPE they got themselves a Lobster Roll, as great ones can be found all along the coast (the best one we found in 2013 was actually in Massachusetts). Even some McDonalds sells lobster rolls during the summer! Just don’t fall for lobster rolls that brag about their Langostino lobster (It’s no more lobster than Almond milk is milk). Here’s a lobster they may have seen in Bar Harbor.

This sums up much of the Maine we saw in 2013: Lobster, Lobster Rolls, and Ice Cream. We saw more signs for those three items than anything else!

From Bar Harbor, they likely followed the picturesque Highway 1 north to the border with New Brunswick. Fortunately, Merlin has saved me from using stock photos at this point, as he shared a few pics along the route:




Having never seen that portion of the highway myself, I may be projecting, but I can’t imagine it could be anything else, but beautiful. I hope it was prettier than this video:

We know they managed to cross the border, thanks to Jim’s photos:


That’s Bill going through Customs.


Behind Bill and Kevin are Joe, Merlin for sure. The Ingrums and Ogles must be back there somewhere, too.

Fun fact about US Highway 1. It goes all the way from Key West to the border of Canada, a total distance of 2,369 miles, making it the longest north-south highway in the states. There’s also another Highway 1 along the California west coast, but I’d forgotten it changes to 101 in Oregon and stays that way in Washington. I confused those two highways one night at a bar playing trivia, which cost my wife and I the win (oh the pain). I can’t even blame alcohol for this mistake, as I didn’t even know the east coast highway 1 existed when the question was asked. Thus, I will never forget that the east Highway 1 is the longest.

Eventually, our beloved crew did reach the Rockwood Campground in Saint John, NB, for the evening, which appears to be a bit of an upgrade over the Walmart parking lot.


Oh my, the campground’s website has a flyover video of the campground:

As you can see, Bill and Joe are working on or checking their jeeps. Everyone else has parked and, I assume, are relaxing (or are exhausted and in bed already).





On Tuesday, the crew plans to drive and eat. That’s about all I know at this point!

<– Day 3 August 4th: Maine’ly Driving Late Day 5 Aug 6th: Scooting Across to Nova Scotia –>


5 Comments on “Day 4 Aug 5th: Lobster Tales and Other Stories

  1. Ian F. Of NS

    Once they cross into Cape Breton the speed of life becomes really relaxed and the vintage machines will love the roads.

  2. Martha Suder

    Keep a careful eye on that kid in the blue and white Willy. He’s my very favorite nephew and his mom is my sister. I enjoyed your pictures and videos very much. Keep up the good work.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Martha: That “Kid”, he’s alright :-). We had a great time together during the Alaska Trip. I wish I could have made the Newfoundland Trip, but it just didn’t work out this year.

    Bryan: If we’d known, we would have been happy to have some supplied lobsters! Hopefully, we can get out there again sometime.

    = Dave

  4. rdjeep

    I remember that lobster outside the ice cream store in BH. They even had lobster ice cream there.

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