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M-38A1 Radiator And a Spicer PTO Unit Indianapolis, IN


Chris has an M-38A1 radiator and a Spicer rear PTO (still needs to be removed, so not pics just yet) for sale. Make offer. Contact Christ at cyoke455 @ (remove spaces from around the @).

“I have an original radiator for sale out of my M38A1. There is a pinhole leak in the radiator core. Mine is too far from original condition for OEM parts to matter, so I put an aftermarket in it. Thought someone might need it for a restore.

I also have a complete and fully functional Spicer PTO I am removing from it that I want to sell. No pics yet as I have to remove it still.”



PTO PICS (You can view a video of the rear PTO working here):



chris-pto3 chris-pto1


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hakki, you’ll need to contact the seller using the email address in the text of the ad. Thanks,
    – Dave

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