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BRC-40s and 60s from San Luis Obispo FB Page

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These photos apparently originated on the San Luis Obispo FB page (then landed on G503). Thanks to Roger Martin for spotting them.

Here are two photos with BRC-60s in them:

san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc60 san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc60s

And BRC-40s:

san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-1 san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-2

san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-3 san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-4 san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-5 san-luis-obispo-fb-bantam-brc40-6


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