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1953 CJ-3B Houston, TX **SCAM**

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UPDATE: **SCAM** … This ad appears to be a spam ad that was emailed directly to me (we even exchanged several emails).  Neilwilson266 @, the email associated with the post, appears to be a spam email account (or has been co-opted) and has been linked with several spam emails to readers.

In addition, the jeep below has been priced at $3800 on for three months, listed by “Neil” as well. A phone number of 409 299 3478 has been associated with “Neil” … 

The jeep below may well still be for sale in Tucson (see older ad here), but I can’t really tell what’s going on with it at this point.  The photo below looks like Tucson, not Houston. 


“1953 WILLYS JEEP —-RUNS GREAT—— REBUILT—– NEW ITEMS INCLUDE; wiring, tires, shocks, gas tank, glass, seats, upholstery, top, hoses, gauges, brakes, exhaust system, 4 cyl engine rebuilt. asking price is $4,800 negotiable.”



9 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Houston, TX **SCAM**

  1. bobo de luxe

    ever notice how many 1953 cj-3b’s are for sale ? — they must have made billions of them that year ? — don’t get me wrong , i like 1953 — I have at least 3 1953 w-o vehicles — a 1953 14k rolex — and i’m a 1953 — so I like 1953 — but when it comes to cj-3b’s — i’d much rather have a late model 1964 ?

  2. GRS Illinois

    Hi, I’m just learning about these old Jeeps and am curious about the drain holes. Are they in the driver and passenger floors? Why is it a bad thing if they are no longer there? I’m guessing a sign of body work by someone not knowledgeable on Jeeps. Also if they are in the floor, how do you know this 53’ doesn’t have them since there is only one picture and it doesn’t show the floors? Thanks for helping me understand better.

  3. Klayton Kidd

    Wasn’t this one for sale in Tucson at over double the price listed not too long ago? I swear i’ve seen that picture a few times before.

  4. Lee Street

    If this is for real it is a great price, I talked to the guy several times and at first, the jeep is in Houston Tx. then it belongs to a 95-year-old sick man in Orgon. Then it doesn’t have a title it will have to be a Bill of sale and after the old man receives the money for it he will go to the courthouse in Orgon and get a Bill of sale and send it to me. The guy listing it says he is a mechanic and that he built it for this old man and now the old fellow is sick and needs the money. The more that I talked to him the more bizarre everything got. Being Cautious in Tennessee.

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