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1952 CJ-3A Miami, FL $11,500


Looks in good shape. No description provided.

1952-cj3a-miami-fl1 1952-cj3a-miami-fl21 1952-cj3a-miami-fl3 1952-cj3a-miami-fl4


9 Comments on “1952 CJ-3A Miami, FL $11,500

  1. Mike

    I like that old style top, especially with the 1/4 window besides the doors. That was always a blind spot.

  2. Mike

    I like those wide whites, back in the 60’s, you could actually convert black walls to white walls with a kit called Port-A-Walls sold at Pep Boys for $12.99.

  3. Denny

    I think those ARE Port-A-Walls on there. Look at the left rear tire. The whitewall is bulging out in one place. Also, I’m quite sure they never made a military style tire (non-directional tread) in a whitewall.

  4. Donald Quinn

    I have a 1951cj3a . I’m looking for a top like yours can you where you purchased it. My e mail. Sharldon1945@gmail .com

  5. Donald Quinn

    I am looking for a top like yours can you give me some information on it. Like where you purchased it & the Mfgs name. Please reply

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Donald,

    It looks like the jeep is still listed on Facebook. You’ll need to contact the seller through this link (and you’ll need an FB account to do that).

    My guess is that the top on the jeep above was 1) custom made, 2) made in Cuba, or 3) made in South America.

    New Life makes a canvas version of the top that’s similar:

    I have also seen a similar top on eBay , but it looks cheaply made (I don’t know the seller and do not know anyone who has purchased it).

    – Dave

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