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1942 GPW Project Albany, NY No Price


It’s a project.

gpw-chassis-albany1 gpw-chassis-albany2 gpw-chassis-albany

“Looking to sell my 1942 Ford GPW project jeep. Attached are photos of it together whole, and in parts (its current state). I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this project, and unfortunately my new job doesn’t allow me much time to work on my project. Looking to get out of the project while I still can and to make back some of the money I invested into it. Here’s the list of everything I have:
-primed GPW frame with the axles still attached, it is sitting on MB leaf springs, and I have extra leaf springs in the garage. Ive got the drive shafts too

-brand new rear crossmember has already been welded on, I have two brand new top frame horns and two original bottom frame horns with a brand new front bumper. The front bumper has a NOS bumper filling
-steering box and all components from the steering column to an early style steering wheel to a late style steering wheel
-two transmissions, one wartime and one prewar bantham transmission
-wartime engine that’s been primed/painted with a GPW head and an MB block. It ran when it came out of the jeep. I have at least two carburetors for it and one carb rebuild kit. I’ve got two, maybe even three fuel pumps for it. One is practically brand new. I’ve got an extra water pump, the starter and generator have been restored, exhaust manifold, distributor
-radiator has been restored, it’s F-marked
-all 3 seats.
-driver and passenger side fenders in excellent shape
-fuel tank
-One wartime body, needs a floor and some body panels. But, it’s an original wartime body
-the bow for the top, and one NOS winter top with only a few small holes from mice.
-Jerry can bracket and some Jerry cans
-the frame is currently sitting on stateside rims with junk tires on them, but, 5 combat rims go with it.
-blackout light and blackout light bracket, headlights marker lights
-functioning original horn
-original grille
-CJ2A windshield with good glass panels and rifle rack
-Various other CJ-2A items, including a CJ-2A tub and a CJ-2A grille.”


2 Comments on “1942 GPW Project Albany, NY No Price

  1. Robert Hoepfner

    Do you have serial number for mb block, gpw frame? Does it have original Dana 25 front axle, Dana 23-2 rear axle, t-84 transmission, and Dana 18 transfer case? Do you still have original oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, condensor, and voltage regulator. Has engine had any internal work? is gas tank side or top fill? What is the ballpark that you are asking?

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