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Year? VEEP Grand Ledge, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

(08/16/2016) Looks fun.

“This is a kit car project from the 70s. It uses an all steel Willys body with a steel 2×3 steel tube frame. It uses a VW Link pin front beam, A VW sedan extended rear trailing arm/ adjustable torsion beam suspension. Standard VW bus 4 speed trans. All gas shocks. Two removable poly seats with covers. Standard 5 point racing harness, Front mounted 6.5 gal RJS fuel cell. rack & pinion steering. Aluminum front and rear wheels. Aluminum skid pan. Air horns. Complete tig welded roll cage. 1600cc dual port VW engine. Remote Oil cooler and filter. Rear mounted aux start switch in engine compartment. Nerf bars and front bumper. This vehicle was used as a promotional race jeep in the traveling short course series, The Michigan Off-Road Championships. Great for the street, sand or trails. No Rust. No trades, no green stamps, no calls from Europe with wire transfers, no unclaimed lotto tickets. Call or text only. E mail not answered because of spam”



5 Comments on “Year? VEEP Grand Ledge, MI **SOLD**

  1. Barry West

    Well, dad gum, what am I to do with all these late 60’s Green Stamps? Dang, I had to a lot of licking, paper cuts on the tongue, press them just right, not necessarily right side up but on there! LOL, can’t say I blame him either.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ron,

    The ad was deleted, so it might have sold. Given that it has been for sale for three years, it’s also possible the seller pulled it down. If I see this VEEP relisted I will send you an email.

    – Dave

  3. Regis Walter

    This Veep is a Toledo made all steel body made in 46. It is now in Middle Point ohio. I would sell it. Has had some upgrades sence the picture that is posted. Runs and drives great. Call 419 741 3822

  4. JohnB

    No disrespect to the vehicle or seller…
    consider that I’m a fairly new Jeep guy.

    One question…Why a Jeep-VW hybrid??
    -Were real Jeep engines and chassis that rare?
    -Were used VWs so inexpensive that you could source engines and other parts from them economically?
    -Were they superior to Jeeps off-road?
    -Were the operating and maintenance economics that much better?

    Just wondering.

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