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Photo of Giant? Man Next to Jeep on eBay

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UPDATE: Thanks to CJ2atlas for potentially identifying our ‘giant’ as 8’6″ Felipe Manzo Reyes, who was called, among other things, “El Gigante Mexicano (The Mexican Giant)”.  In the late 1940s he spent time as part of the Cole Bros Circus’ side show. The outfit appears to be the same. 

Given the signature on the back and the size and fancy dress of this gentleman, it appears this guy may have been someone famous, at least in Mexico? He also looks like he is REALLY tall.

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“Mexico Man in Sombrero Hat with Jeep Car Real Photo Vintage Postcard ”




5 Comments on “Photo of Giant? Man Next to Jeep on eBay

  1. Chuck

    Thank you for the confirmation!
    I’ve heard rumors of the Nephilim hiding out in Mexico posing as Mariachi band members.

  2. peter45cj

    Hi Dale, I can see a shadow behind his left leg and the sun would cast his shadow on top of the jeep the way the jeeps shadow on the right of the jeep. The sun is high.

  3. Cj2atlas

    I believe it’s a real photo.
    Most likely a picture of Felipe Manzo Reyes
    Also known as The Giant Charro.
    A Google search turned up very little info, possibly he’s better known in Mexico?

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