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Surrey Key Chain From St. Thomas, VI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. The final price on this was $55!

I was in the bidding for a short time on this, but it quickly reached more than I was willing to pay. It was at $12.50 when I dropped out.

surrey-key-chain-virgin-island1 surrey-key-chain-virgin-island2


6 Comments on “Surrey Key Chain From St. Thomas, VI **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I never heard who won this one. I haven’t seen any others for sale either (just checked eBay and nothing there).

    – Dave

  2. R. Sargent

    I was the sales manager for Tropical Mtrs. from 1968. This brings back many memories. I owned a blue Gala…wish I still did. Dick

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dick,

    Well that sounds very interesting! Do you have any particular memories of dealing with the vehicles?

    I spent a week on St. Thomas back in 1988 … seems like 10 lifetimes ago.

    – Dave

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