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1952 M-38A1 Tulsa, OK $11,500

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Looks in good shape.

“Korean War Jeep, off the body restoration, 4cylinder Hurricane engine, 3 speed manual, 4 wheel drive, added locking hubs. Vehicle’s history = from the Marine Corp to US Air Force at Tinker, to the Civil Defense, to private ownership and found in a barn.”

1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok0 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok1 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok2 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok3 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok4


4 Comments on “1952 M-38A1 Tulsa, OK $11,500

  1. Carl

    I was almost sold to write the check until last phrase…”found in a barn”. That’s right up there with “only drove on Sunday to church” and “ran when parked” and “my check for this rig is in the mail”….etc. Please, seriously, with that how am I gonna believe any of this ad.

  2. Fred

    Seller, get real with that price tag. It’s a keeper- you need to keep it! Way too much over-spray(paint to sell). Too shiny on dash data plates(you’re proud and parade ready-nobody wants a parade ready). I’ll make you a one time good deal you can’t refuse. $1500.

  3. Mike

    Fred, you made a good point with the paint issue, and as for making him an offer he can’t refuse, that’s what we say in NJ, my favorite saying.

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