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1964 DJ-3A Surrey Des Moines, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $30,000.

This is the late Bruce Agan’s former surrey that is being sold by his wife. It’s about as accurate a surrey as you’ll find. I’ve seen less accurate surrey’s sell for much more. See the full story on this Surrey here.

1964-dj3a-surrey-ba-ia1 1964-dj3a-surrey-ba-ia2 1964-dj3a-surrey-ba-ia3


4 Comments on “1964 DJ-3A Surrey Des Moines, IA **SOLD**

  1. stevek

    So sad the family is letting it go. It was dedicated to family as indicated on rear left corner. Wife put a lot of labor into it next to Bruce with the making of the top, seats, and side covers of authentic materials and designs. It belongs in a museum to represent Bruce and Surreys too. RIP Bruce… and best wishes to his survivors.

  2. Colin Peabody

    While Bruce and I never made face to face contract, he and I spent a lot of time back and forth in emails and by phone discussing DJ3As, Surreys, parts, restoration tips and just friendly conversation. I followed his restoration of this Surrey and he was meticulous in his detail. I sincerely hope that the person or entity that buys this will appreciate all the work Bruce and Linda put into this Surrey. Please don’t try to “low ball” this family on the cost of this Surrey, as it is worth the asking price.

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