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Changing the Changes for 2020 — The End isn’t so Near


Good news! I will be extending eWillys in its current form through the end of 2020.

You might remember that on January 1st of this year I mentioned I was planning on ending or making changes to eWillys in the spring of 2020. I’ve decided to delay any changes until December of 2020.

The principal reason for this is to insure that Ann and I have a smoother transition from life as we know it into our new lives in 2020, should things work out like we believe they will. What this means for you all is that you will accompany Ann and I on these upcoming changes. I know this is all a bit vague, but that’s the way it has to be for now.

So, stay tuned!


19 Comments on “Changing the Changes for 2020 — The End isn’t so Near

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    My hunch is that you and Ann will be joining the Peace Corp in 2020 and will be sent to Kuala Lumpur to operate a Willys Jeep repair facility for the locals.
    Am I correct? Will this be your new life?

  2. pascal

    I certainly missed some posts. I hope it will be positive changes and not the end of ewillys. If I can help in any way so that the website stays online, let me know.

  3. Mark J

    I have Pondered the ending and or minimizing of this fine Info page and blog. Following You and Ann on so many adventures has been a really fun bonus to this site. I also can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned about these amazing vehicles from you and the many contributors ! I truly look forward to checking in daily and I hope you both have continued success in your lives and plans. Glad you won’t be closing down any time real soon. Mark j

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Steve: That’s an oddly specific guess. How did you know?? I’d hate to play a game of “Clue” with you, lol.

    Pascal: Yes, good changes.

    Mark J: Glad you’ve enjoyed the site. I’m addicted to it as well; But I can foresee a future where I will need to free up time to reach some other goals.

    JohnfromSC: Well then, happy early New Year!

    Mark: Yes, 2020 should get off to a great start.

  5. Bob in nc

    My guess was he was hired by 4 wheel drive magazine as editor or such. 100,000 grand a year. New different jeep to dive every couple months. All the perks.

  6. Colin Peabody

    That is good news for you and Ann, and I know you will continue the tradition you started 10+ years ago. I have enjoyed your site and enjoyed spending time with you and Ann over those years. Whatever area you choose to explore, you will do fine. I suspect there are family changes in store with regard to your mom, so we will stand by to learn of your plans. Good luck my friend!

  7. David

    You’ve done an excellent job of creating this site- whoever controls it after you release the reigns is very lucky to follow up behind such an effort. Good luck to you and Ann with the future endeavor, and thanks for all you’ve done for the Willys Jeep hobby.

  8. Thad Gibson

    Thank you for your generosity of time and effort spent. It truly is one of my highlights of the day! Best of regards to your future plans,I’m sure it will be well thought out.

  9. Tom in Paris

    I’d also like to thank you for all of the work you do, and for all of the information here on eWillys. A daily gift that I enjoy! Thank you for keeping us all posted and for taking us along!

  10. Matt

    Just found your site earlier this year and am so glad to hear you’ll be continuing it. It became a fixture in my life very quickly.

    Thank you so much for the time and dedication you obviously put into it. It must be very time consuming, but is greatly appreciated by followers of all ages and locations.

  11. David Eilers Post author

    Craig: That def won’t be happening, in part because:
    1) I don’t tweet
    2) I don’t want to tweet
    3) I don’t want to tweet from the White House
    4) Let’s just rule out a White House run altogether!
    5) That said, I have considered city council or small-town Mayor …

    Bingo (Mudd): So sorry to disappoint! Not in 2020, not in 2024, not in (fill in the date). 🙂

    Matt: Glad you are enjoying the site and finding it useful.

    Bob: Me as editor of Four-Wheeler? I’d rather run my own Jeep site than someone elses jeep site/company.

    Everyone else: As always, thanks for your support and kind words.

  12. Dave

    This IS good news. Super glad to hear that you and Ann will continue to be part of our lives. Thanks for keeping it going.

  13. Indiana Pete

    Enjoy your next venture an thanks for all the hard work you put in. Took me 41 years to find a cj3a that I could afford an the knowledge I got here along the way helped. Thanks again

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