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Kids Driving Jeeps

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UPDATE: This photo of Jimmy Crabtree resides in the Free Library of Philadelphia Digital Collections (see bottom image).


PHOTO CREDIT: Free Library of Philadelphia Digital Collections ; PHOTO CAPTION: San Francisco: Jimmy Crabtree, 3, does some repair work on his miniature Jeep, with some aid from a helper. Jimmy’s father, a race car aid from a helper. Jimmy’s father, a race car mechanic, and his uncle made the Jeep for him. It is powered by an electric motor like those used in invalid chairs. Two batteries, one under the hood and one under the rear seat, furnish enough juice for 10 hours driving at 14 mph. Mr. Crabtree estimates it cost about $75 in parts and $2,000 in labor. February 21st, 1948


Originally posted in November of 2014: The Chicago Tribune featured two kids driving jeeps. The first was about a boy named Richard Aulerich who built a soap box entry and then turned it into a drivable vehicle.


Boy from Detroit turns Soap Box Jeep into drivable vehicle.

A year later Jimmy Crabtree proved a little smarter than Richard. Three-year-old Jimmy had his father make him a drivable jeep, but it seems ladies-man Jimmy made sure it was a two-seater. He wasted no time picking up Susan Spitzer and taking her for a ride.



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  1. JW

    I love these stories from the past. I have a four year old boy that loves Jeeps. He frequently asks to take a drive around the yard or just “drive” it himself with the engine off. He loves to just just sit in the garage and learn about parts of a Jeep, he calls it going to Jeep school. I wish I had the time to build one of these fantastic projects, since I can’t do that I’d like to find a quality motorized Jeep he could drive. All I find are cheap plastic POSs or those go-cart like versions with a gas engine. Anything out there in between?

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