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Images From the Los Angeles Public Library

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These images are only some of the jeep images within the Los Angeles Public Library digital collections.

1) This August 11, 1964, photo shows Frank Millard’s 4 Wheel Drive Center in Encino. There’s a pretty wide diversity of jeeps, including CJ-3BS, CJ-5s, A DJ-3A, Gladiators, and Wagoneers.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Photograph caption dated August 11, 1964 reads “Val B. B. West, left, and Calvin Strong are the men heading up the new four-wheel-drive center in the Valley, located at Frank Millard’s new 15611 Ventura Blvd. facility in Encino. Strong heads up the dealership and West is assistant manager. Millard, ‘The Man in Red,’ says they will stock a complete line of the four-wheel-drives, including the Jeeps and Datsuns.

2) A September 24, 1943, photo of a Hollywood Bond Cavalcade with numerous stars.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: The Hollywood Bond Cavalcade parading down the street. A long line of jeeps carries a multitude of stars who wave and smile at the crowds. The calvacade is on a 21 day nationwide tour for the Third War Loan drive. Photograph dated September 24, 1943.

3) A rare photo of the Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Posse jeep.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Photograph caption dated November 3, 1953 reads, “Members of Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Posse No. 11 take their jeep and mobile kitchen on trips into isolated areas to search for lost children and hunters. The men serve as volunteers in the rescue work on a 24-hour-a-day schedule. Viewing the new 1,200-watt auxiliary power plant are, left to right, Capt. R. M. Boyd, Lancaster Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, commander of the posse; Sgt. R. F. Brown, co-ordinator, and Capt. Jack Bones.

4) These boys were photographed on July 18, 1958, while riding on the African Jungle Safari Ride at the Pacific Ocean Park (aka POP … see more images on PINTREST) in Santa Monica.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Photograph caption reads, “Stanley Radar 13, and Darryl Ferges, 11, ride the jeep through the Safari Ride which has the ‘African Jungle’ replete with gorillas, spear-throwing natives and screeches and roars of the jungle.” Photograph dated: July 18, 1958.


Another photo from the safari ride that was posted to PINTREST.

5) This photo was taken as part of the Los Angeles Attacks Army-Navy Show on January 4, 1944.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: An Army jeep, loaded with soldiers, climbs up the Spring Street steps of City Hall on January 4, 1944, to lead the “capture” of the building as a prelude to the “Los Angeles Attacks” Army-Navy Show to be held Saturday and Sunday at the Coliseum.

6) These five WACS were part of the Los Angeles Attacks Army-Navy Show in January of 1944.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: These Air WACs, riding on an amphibious jeep, visit all centers of Los Angeles on January 8, 1944, to distribute tickets for the “Los Angeles Attacks” Army-Navy Show to be held Saturday and Sunday at the Coliseum.

7) This June 5, 1965, photo was taken the day I was born!


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Photograph caption dated June 5, 1965 partially reads “The huge four by seven foot picture of Christ entered as the main part of the float of the First Assembly of God Church of Canoga Park took second place in the ‘Holiday At Home’ parade Monday in Canoga Park. More than 84 floats were entered in the parade and total entries numbered an even 150. The float, which took the church youth about four weeks to complete, consists of a chicken-wire frame over a wood platform. Paper napkins were then poked individually through the mesh to produce the flower affect [sic] shown. The picture is a photograph of a small painting of Christ blown up and hand touched with oil paint. It is to be part of the exterior display of a new church building which will be cosntructed this summer on Topanga Canyon Blvd. The youths on the float depict youth acitvities while the building theme of the church, ‘To Make Him Known’ is displayed on the side. On the other side of the picture is a mission scene.

8) This March 21, 1963 Photo shows Joe Mokracek, President of the Maverick Four-Wheel-Drive Club, getting ready for the 15th Annual Hemet-De Anza Cavalade.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Credit: Photograph caption dated March 21, 1963 reads, “Burbank resident serves as president of Maverick Four-Wheel-Drive Club.” Mokracek is seen getting ready for the 15th annual Hemet-De Anza Cavalcade for four-wheel-drive vehicles sponsored by the Hemet Chamber of Commerce. The cavalcade will travel along the De Anza Trail to the Borrego Badlands.

9) This photo shows Rex Allen in a WWII jeep.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Rex Allen at his ranch, sits in his jeep and talks into a radio microphone. Another cowboy on a horse can be seen on the other side of the fence behind him.

10) Sept 28, 1957, Photo of Pastor Phil H. Gibson at the wheel of this wagon.


Photo LAPL Location. Photo Caption: Photograph caption dated September 28, 1957 reads, “Susan Simmons and David Gerber, students at Village Christian School, 3216 W. Victory Blvd., Burbank, polish new jeep that was donated by students for a mission in Guatemala City. Henry Trist, school superintendent, talks over route of trip with the Rev. Phil H. Gibson, behind wheel, who will drive jeep to its destination.


4 Comments on “Images From the Los Angeles Public Library

  1. Mike

    Frank Millard’s had a large inventory of Jeep vehicles, meanwhile back in NJ, other than vehicles on the showroom floor, a very small in stock inventory, sometimes none. As a kid back in the 60’s, I’d ride my bicycle to the local Jeep dealer just to check for new arrivals. The shop mechanics would send me out for coffee and buy me a soda. The joys of youth, memories of the decades gone by.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Jim: Thanks for catching that. I meant Gladiators and Wagoneers.

    Mike: The good ol’ days!

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