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1952 Navy Foam Fire Fighting Jeep Prototype

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UPDATE: Thanks to Ted, below I’ve added an article and more images from a March 1953 Popular Science article about the little fire fighting jeep, also known as the “Little Squirt”.

1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep1 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep2 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep3 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep4 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep5 1953-03-pop-sci-fire-fighting-jeep6
This video from the National Archives Catalog shows a special-purpose fire fighting jeep the Navy was testing. The video is divided into two parts. The first part shows the jeep fighting a fire. The second part shows the jeep from various angles. I’ve also included some images from the video below. (If the video is slow or doesn’t work, go here to download the video).


1952-us-navy-fire-fighting-video6 1952-us-navy-fire-fighting-video5 1952-us-navy-fire-fighting-video4 1952-us-navy-fire-fighting-video3 1952-us-navy-fire-fighting-video2



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  1. rdjeep

    Maybe it was built that way, like a prestressed concrete beam? The water weight alone is 2000 lbs. Foam liquid about another 160, plus the weight of the tanks, the pump, and all the plumbing.

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