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Hamm’s Beer Commercial and Stickers

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UPDATE II: More Hamm’s stuff thanks to Maury:

  1. Here are some Hamm’s Thermo-Serv plastic mugs with Hamm’s on them.
    View all the information on eBay
    hamms-mugs1 hamms-mugs2
  2. A second TV commercial (no jeep, but includes the guy and the bear):

UPDATE: Maury shared a TV commercial that accompanied the Hamm’s beer ad campaign shows in the stickers below. For those old enough to remember Grizzly Adams, which I watched as a kid, it sure feels like an episode of that show. It turns out there was a John “Grizzly” Adams (1812-1860), upon whom the movie/show may have been based, who lived a pretty wild life.


Original Post November 2012: Is this evidence that a Bear is a Jeeper’s best friend? There are two different ebay auctions for this sticker.

1. This seller is offering two stickers for less than the ad below

“2-Vintage Hamm’s Beer Stickers
RARE SET Grizzle w Jeep & Grizzle w Canoe
Cool set with both stickers included.
These are new-unused stickers!
Thank you for looking!”

2.”Up for auction is a rare vintage Hamm’s Beer sticker with a bear riding in a Jeep. Very cool. New old stock. Measures approx. 5.25″ x 5.25″. Multiple available. Please email any questions prior to bidding. Thanks!”


6 Comments on “Hamm’s Beer Commercial and Stickers

  1. Kerry

    Hamm’s Beer always had the best in tavern advertising of any one. I wonder if they ever made these in the moving version, like there other signs..

    Explain– moving versions of signs, the water would appear to be moving with the lights behind the sign

  2. Bob in pa

    A friend and old neighbor of mine used to drink Hamm’s beer. You buy beer by the case in pA. When bud was going for 20 case hamms was 10. Cheapest beer you can buy. Used to be anyway.

    Bob in pa

  3. kerry

    Being in N. Wis these photos bring back a lot of memories of out of the way Taverns , not so way out of Taverns , and hot fishing holes, cold beer and deer drinking at the lakes edges.
    Hamms always had the best signs , but they were always in the best taverns,
    Now if I could only get the fishers/ bears/wolfs/ Mountain lions away from my house I be able to visit a few of the great out of the way taverns and see these great signs in their full glory

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Notice how they open the can in the video and put the tab inside of the can.makes me feel old!one of the many changes that have happened that we take for granted.

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