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1952 M-38A1 Brimley, MI eBay

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Starting bid is $3999. It runs and drives.

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“1952 Willys M38A1 4X4
This is a true military Jeep.

It starts, runs, shifts, drives, and stops as it should. It starts easy enough with pre pumping the gas, and using the manual choke. It runs good. I haven’t noticed any problems with the 3 speed manual transmission or transfer case. I don’t think it has brake lights or turn signals. Some original equipment exists like the light switch panel but I don’t think any work. The headlights and taillights function at some level, they do turn on.

Some of the electrical system has been converted to 12v from typical military 48v, battery, alternator, starter, headlights. The oil volt and temp gauges function. Not the fuel tho, my granddad used a paint stir stick on his so… The brakes are typical for non-power front drum setups. They could use an inspection but operate.





Large steering wheel to help accommodate the “armstrong” non-power steering. The tires are in great shape. 4 cylinder engine. I don’t know enough to say it has the Hurricane engine, but it looks original-ish to this model, and it runs great. The odometer reads 326699, but since it’s written in black marker on the hood  912655 dispose I would say it’s 132669.9. Photos also show one rust hole on the passenger side. Some underside frame shots included.

All the roll bar tubing is heavy duty pipe, not exhaust tubing. There is the large front brush guard that bolts to the frame, the two risers bolt to the brush guard and the roll bar. It will all unbolt easily enough if you like.

It was in service in the Sanborn Twp FD until 2017-ish I believe. (Ossineke MI, just south of Alpena.) It was used by the US Forestry Service at some time prior to the township. Bay Mills Community College, acquired this vehicle in 2017 according to the title. I bought this from the college in a sealed bid auction in Sept 2019. Since I haven’t had it long I can’t tell you much except I’ve driven it around here with no problems.

What you see is what you get. Nothing to go with, no top, no cans, no back seat.

There are parts on this still showing drab olive green paint, parts underneath you can’t see, the firewall, the fan shroud and radiator support. This was an army green Jeep when built. Obviously in its life as a veteran lead to its new paint job in hi-vis yella. High visibility yellow. That was many years ago as you can see it’s been used as a working vehicle in the not so distant past. It comes with the Sanborn Township FD lettering as shown, with “Stump Jumper” written across the windshield housing.

There are a few rust holes, scratches, and various dents and dings. This vehicle is 67 years old, and sells without warrantee guarantee or promisee. This will be an as-is sale.

Vehicle is located in Brimley MI 49715. That’s in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, still only 30 minutes or so from exit 386 on I-75. Buyer responsible for arrangement of, and removal of vehicle within a reasonable time, preferably before the snow comes. Can assist with loading, vehicle moves and stops under its own controls. Taller than normal with the brush bars. Request size if necessary. “


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