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2 Jeepster Commandos Brooklyn, NY $6000

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Steve shared these projects.  There’s definitely some rust, but I can’t tell how bad it is. My guess is that the seller doesn’t know a lot about them, as he labels one a ‘truck’.

2-jeepster-commandos-brooklyn-ny1 2-jeepster-commandos-brooklyn-ny2

“Pair of phenomenal 1967 Willys Jeep Projects. Perfect for the collector. One is a pick up truck, one is a Jeep Commando. Sold individually ($3,000) or as a pair ($6,000 for both). These go for $15,000 to $25,000 once restored. Pick up truck needs less restoration, covered Commando needs all. Not running. Take one or both cars. Pick up has title. Commando does not.”


3 Comments on “2 Jeepster Commandos Brooklyn, NY $6000

  1. Mike

    i just noticed the price, $6000.00 when just last week these were listed for a total of $4500,00 or best offer, (Ebay) no takers. What are sellers thinking when vehicles don’t sell, common sense would say lower the price. The Commando wagon is very much a rust bucket. Having owned an exactly the same Jeepster in NJ back in the days, always check if by some chance was the one I owned, not so. Just as a post script, must be super difficult to own 2 non running vehicles in Brooklyn, NY, no parking space and garage rents are sky high.

  2. Terry

    Brooklyn has a lot of old homes with attached garages , over the years I have looked at a lot of old cars and trucks parked for years . Like a ”barn find ” in a city of 4 million

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